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Marhaba Vintage is an ethically made jewelry company featuring semi-fine and fine jewelry pieces for the everyday modern lady. Inspired by both vintage and classic elements, Marhaba jewels are the perfect way to redefine your everyday jewelry essentials. 


The Beginnings 

Marhaba Vintage is a small jewelry company created this year in 2020 by me, Laila Sultani. It first started when I began to have a new found love for designer jewelry, however, as a college student at the time I was not able to afford it. That was when I created my first piece, a repurposed Louis Vuitton lock necklace. I thought to myself that many other people would probably enjoy similar pieces, and that was when I began to sell my jewelry! After repurposing these designer pieces, I realized I needed basic layering chains to complement my statement pieces. After weeks of researching, I decided to produce gold-filled and solid gold essential layering pieces as well. In the jewelry market nowadays, it's hard to find essential and basic layering chains that don't break the bank but are still high quality. For this reason, the general collection of Marhaba was born. Containing both fine (solid 14k gold) and semi-fine (14k and 18k gold-filled) jewelry pieces, you can ensure that these jewels will last you a long time. And the greatest part? No green necks/fingers or irritated skin/ears here! You shouldn't have to feel like you need to save your higher quality pieces for special occasions. With Marhaba jewelry, you can wear higher quality jewels every day! 

fGiving Purpose 

Repurposed designer jewelry is an amazing way to bring life to a piece that was once sitting unused in its jewelry box. Many vintage designer jewelry pieces around the world are no longer used and sit around, collecting dust. Because of this, I made it a goal to try and bring life to some of these authentic designer pieces I source. I repurpose authentic designer necklaces, bracelets, earrings, buttons, and bag charms and turn them into new jewelry pieces! The pieces are mostly repurposed using 14k or 18k gold filled chains, which allows for the piece to be long lasting! 

fTimeless and Classic

I decided to create the general collection with the thought in mind that I wanted the perfect classic pieces to pair with my repurposed designer jewelry. That being said, this collection consists of classic and timeless 14k and 18k gold filled chains that can be layered with each other and also layered with a repurposed designer piece. Marhaba Vintage aims to create classic and timeless pieces to help you feel the most confident. You do not have to worry about these chains going out of style as their designs are very classic and will take you from one season to the next. No more green necks either, as gold filled chains have a thick layer of gold on the outside which aids in being tarnish resistant.